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Supreme Court Roundup in the NH Bar News

This month the New Hampshire Bar Association published its annual Labor & Employment Law Edition of the New Hampshire Bar News.  If you’re interested in reading my roundup on US Supreme Court cases of interest to employment attorneys, click here.


U.S. Supreme Court Holds Severance Payments Subject to FICA Taxes

The U.S. Supreme Court decision of U.S. v. Quality Stores, Inc., et al. has been watched closely by employment attorneys, as much for the amount of money at stake as for the precedent the decision sets. In January 2014, the Court heard oral arguments in Quality Stores, a case where it is tasked with determining whether […]

deval patrick

Governor Patrick Proposes Eliminating Non-Competition Agreements in Massachusetts

Earlier today, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed eliminating non-competition agreements in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  He and his administration have called non-competition agreements a “barrier to innovation” and worry that use of these agreements limits Massachusetts’ ability to compete with other high-tech states.  For instance, California, which is arguably the only state with a more […]