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Latest Episode of 2 Gs in a Pod with Katie Marble, Michelle Gray, and Glynis Citarelli

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend more time with Glynis Citarelli (SweetShot Photography) and Michelle Gray (HR Synergy, LLC) on AM 1590.  Not surprisingly, we spent a lot of time talking about legal issues that have been raised by the events occurring at Market Basket.  Please note that we are not offering legal advice, […]


Why Does My Business Need an Anti-Bullying Policy?

Employers often wonder why they need an anti-bullying policy in place.  It’s not like bullying is illegal.  There are no laws prohibiting being a jerk! While that is (sometimes unfortunately) true, there are other laws that come into play in workplace bullying situations.  Do you have an employee who is targeted due to gender, race, […]

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Be Wary of Wage and Hour Differences Between New Hampshire and Massachusetts

As an attorney located in southern New Hampshire, I find that there are a lot of businesses with locations in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Employers should be careful and not assume that wage and hour laws in one state (or commonwealth) are the same in the other.  Wage and hour violations can be very […]